Hands-on for a better tomorrow.


ManoMano is an entrepreneurial project whose main ambition is to connect customers and sellers online, in 6 European countries, in the DIY and gardening sectors.


Since day one, we have been driven by strong values and the firm belief that we can make a difference in people’s everyday lives. Whether our teams, our seller partners, who can sustainably grow their business with us locally and abroad, or professional and individual customers, who come to ManoMano for the products, services and advice to bring their projects to life.


ManoMano is also a people company. We want to help everyone find their rightful place and develop their skills while working towards a meaningful mission. 


Our strength lies in this human touch and unique culture, which sets us apart from the rest.

A long-term

Because climate change and social issues aren’t “someone else’s problem”, we have the responsibility, freedom and duty to act.


Today, we want to go further and put our skills to use in order to create value and a sustainable future.


So, we began thinking about how we can take things to the next level… 

How can we help you renovate your home while making it more energy efficient? 

How can we help you choose more responsible products and promote more environmentally-friendly ways of buying?

How can we provide our expertise so that DIY saves you money and improves the comfort of your home?

How can we lay the foundations for sustainable and virtuous growth for our seller partners and ourselves?

How can we continue to address the challenges of diversity, inclusion and gender equality for our Manas and Manos?


We’re building our answers and solutions one brick at a time, with boldness and ingenuity. To help you improve your home in a responsible and sustainable way. And to give you the tools and means to take care of your comfort and the planet at the same time.


Because, like you, we want to look after our home.

But we prefer to do DIY and gardening while respecting the planet.

We all have something to gain.

After all, the Earth is our first home.