Our CSR programme
Improve everything
we can improve

To meet our environmental and social challenges, we rolled up our sleeves and launched an ambitious CSR programme. We’re building it brick by brick to move towards an ever more sustainable and responsible model.


The road ahead is long and there are lots of questions, but we’re really excited (and we hope you are too).


This initiative is called ManoImpact.


It involves all our employees, as well as our executive team, board of directors and partners.


at the heart of our decisions

From the very beginning, our project has been centred around people, based on commitment and respect. We want to provide our Manas and Manos with a unique experience, in a stimulating and caring work environment.


ManoImpact is about strengthening our positive impact.

For ManoMano, as well as our partners.


We want to make the tech world an inclusive industry.

We want to meet the challenges of diversity and gender equality.


So, we are committed to supporting our employees and helping them grow, while giving meaning to our mission. We strive to build lasting relationships with each of our sellers and customers.


Because without people, ManoMano is nothing.

The Earth
our first home

We strongly believe that the climate crisis isn’t “someone else’s problem”. 

It’s nice to be named as a market leader, but we want to use all our skills, boldness and ingenuity to be one the few players who knows how to create sustainable value. 

Because our objective is that our employees, sellers and you, the end-customers, benefit, while respecting the planet.


So, we are progressively moving forward with this initiative. We are committed to managing our environmental footprint, reducing the impact of our logistics and helping our customers create sustainable homes.