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Our ambition from day one has been to create an online platform to connect sellers specialising in DIY, gardening and home improvement, with customers, who come to ManoMano for the experience, products and services they need to bring their projects to life.


We’ve built this business hand in hand with our partners, with whom we have strong and lasting relationships that are strengthened every day. Since our very first partnership in 2013, we have created sustainable relationships and close ties with our sellers. As you can see, the quality of our relationships is more important to us than the quantity. We provide support with a human touch, based on listening and advice, to help you gain visibility and develop your business everywhere in the UK, as well as in Europe, with our millions of customers.

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ManoMano is a crossroads of visibility in Europe for brands and sellers in the DIY, home improvement and gardening industry. We provide quality human support and will help you accelerate your sales and carve out a place in all the European markets.

Christian RAISSON
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50 million visits per month
Make your products visible to millions of engaged visitors throughout Europe.
A specialised DNA
Your products are showcased in categories and types that only apply to our market.
A selective model
We work with a limited number of sellers to ensure daily human and quality support.
A long-term relationship
A partnership for life: only 4% of sellers left ManoMano in 1 year.
A local European base
More than 85% of our sellers and brands are European.
Services to accelerate your business
Logistics, visibility, sales abroad… we’re right by your side.
Benefit from personalised support
your business

Turnkey logistics to focus on your core business


Ever wish you didn’t have to deal with packaging, shipping, tracking and delivery? With ManoFulfillment, we can take care of these steps for you.


With ManoFulfillment, we provide support beyond your sales.


In other words, you entrust us with your products, we store them in one of our three European warehouses (in France, Spain and Italy). Our expert logistics and e-commerce service providers handle the reception, packaging, tracking and delivery of your packages to the end-customers. We also provide advice on how much to store so that you don’t miss out on a single sale!

Efficient tools to boost your visibility


Talk to your customers during their entire ManoMano journey: co-branded media campaigns, sponsored products, branding on our homepage or on your categories, etc.

Teams to accelerate your sales outside your home country


ManoMano operates in 6 countries which represent 80% of the European market. And among the world’s largest. Catalogue translation, dedicated customer service, VAT management… We’re here to help you export your business.

We crossed paths with ManoMano in March 2016 and have been successfully listing with the platform ever since. The partnership has indeed been quite natural, thanks to our selection of products and the expertise and the customer market which ManoMano has been able to offer us in return. ManoMano, who we all know as being experts in the DIY and outdoor living market, have understood our business aims and objectives since day one.

Diego Castro
Account Manager at Aosom
New growth opportunities
A more
responsible model

We want to lay the foundations for sustainable and virtuous growth, for ourselves and all our partners. We are building this model to provide our customers with the tools and means to take care of both their comfort and the environment.


Sustainable homes, energy transition, more responsible and sustainable products… There are lots of opportunities at ManoMano to meet new consumer expectations.

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Since 2013, we have created the largest online European marketplace in our sector and provided you with new opportunities to grow your online business.
Privileged access
to the professional market

The professional renovation, construction and home improvement market in Europe is worth approximately €400 billion (a vast playing field!). The market is not very digitally-mature yet, so there is still lots to do. Let’s get started!   


With ManoManoPro, you can access this community of professionals, in particular smaller companies from all sectors and construction workers. Believe us, with their regular and (almost) daily needs, this is a huge opportunity for your business.