We are 1,000 Manas and Manos

And we are still hiring!

The ingredient
for ManoMano's success

Today, more than 1,000 people and 35 different nationalities are working together in Paris, Bordeaux and Barcelona. And all over France and Europe, thanks to remote working.


We are proud and fully committed to continue revolutionising the DIY and gardening market, as our founders Christian and Philippe set out to do in 2013. 


You may have noticed that ManoMano has grown fast (OK, very fast), from 2 to 1,000 people in less than 10 years. But we strive to ensure that people remain at the heart of our project, every day, so that each and every one of our employees can grow and contribute to building ManoMano in Europe.


Whether they work in customer service in the UK or manage the development of our app for professionals or services for our sellers in Spain. Whether they’re ethical hackers in Bordeaux or Paris or collaborating with German and Italian sellers to offer the best range in those countries.

Let’s build together with commitment and care
We offer our Manos & Manas a unique experience in an exceptional work environment.
Our success is based on trust and managerial excellence.
We impact our ecosystem with inspiring projects
Living our values everyday
A unique culture
based on strong values
Bold from idea to action

Habit can sometimes make an idea, or a project, seem impossible or too risky. Being bold is essential to tackle challenges and move our industry towards greater responsibility.


Being bold means, for example:


Implementing chaos engineering to intentionally break our platform in order to identify and learn from our technical failures.


Joining forces (and efforts) to develop our ManoManoPro business in Spain and Italy simultaneously. And seizing the opportunity to launch our ManoFulfillment logistics service in Italy at the same time (the sky’s the limit).


Ingenious always & together

Leveraging a strong team spirit to achieve maximum and rapid impact with limited resources. This is essential to continue to thrive in a competitive market where there is so much to do.


This involves:


Building a unique brand to make DIY and gardening accessible (and enjoyable) to everyone and standing out from other market players.


Deploying MACS, our agile programme to align tech and business with our strategic challenges. And doing so by simultaneously launching 6 trains (teams of teams) during our 1st PI Planning. 

Responsible towards people & the planet

To all contribute to creating a more inclusive and sustainable business – and market – for the planet and people. And in doing so, enabling our customers, with the help of our sellers, to improve their homes while respecting the planet.


On a day to day basis, this means:


Working hand in hand with our sellers to identify and select the most responsible products in their catalogue, to provide our customers with a wide range of choices and alternatives.


Developing responsible services by involving our product team in the customer experience, along with our business teams, to identify the right partners to meet these challenges.

Building ManoMano together
A unique experience

At ManoMano, we want to offer our Manas and Manos a unique experience: an exceptional work environment, in which everyone can identify their main talents and leverage them within their team.


Why is it so important to identify each individual’s talents? Because we firmly believe that long-term professional development and a career path that leads to greater responsibility and recognition can only be achieved if the “right place for each person” is identified.  


We don’t believe in generic profiles for formatted jobs. We have never seen professional success driven by correcting flaws and weaknesses. Our Manas and Manos create their inspiring career paths based on their well-identified talents.

But this is only possible when careful attention is paid to their work-life balance. Because we are convinced that while work reveals talents and is therefore a source of personal fulfilment, it can also negatively impact people’s personal lives, leading to an imbalance and ultimately suppressing their creativity and engagement. We believe that a healthy and balanced work environment is key to personal development and a team’s collective efficiency… and in turn the success of our bold projects!


This belief is what led the two founders to create ManoMano, with a strong emphasis on people. But let’s not lie… Finding this balance – personally and as a team – and identifying the “right place” for everyone in a fast-growing (and therefore constantly changing) company is not easy. It takes effort and it is everyone’s responsibility at ManoMano. Which is why we’ve developed several initiatives.

At ManoMano, you can benefit from:


Programmes to grow your career and skills


Ambitious training programmes


Half a day per week for tech teams to work alone or in groups on the latest technical developments


The possibility (and ease) to move from one department to another. Even if you want to make the leap from business to tech (and vice-versa)

of Manas & Manos attended at least one training course (17 hours on average) in 2021
of employees moved internally in 2021
Friendly and shared experiences
ManoMano is also about spending time and having fun together at company events and our (famous) Cosmic Parties.

Ambitious measure for parents, however long they’ve been in the company: 


1 extra month of fully paid maternity leave for mothers

2 extra weeks of fully paid paternity leave for fathers and coparents

5 days of sick child leave for everyone

And much more…

based on trust

Of course, 1,000 employees means teams and managers. Our success lies in trust and managerial excellence, which we strive to improve every day. We believe that management is a matter of co-responsibility, trust, exemplarity and mutual commitment.


At ManoMano, our managers are here to serve their teams. Their role is to get to know their employees, help them identify their talents and create an environment in which everyone can find their rightful place.

We created “WorkAtom”

a flexible work model which enables our employees to work remotely 0 to 5 days a week, wherever they want in France or Spain.


With Manobuilders and ManoShare

Tailor-made programmes to foster the sharing of best practice and a community of ambitious managers and leaders for themselves and their teams.

Getting involved
in inspiring and impactful projects

At ManoMano, we work every day to create impactful and inspiring projects for all our users, whether sellers, professional or individual customers, and our Manas and Manos.


Our employees have always been committed to global causes that are close to their hearts, such as social inclusion and diversity or raising awareness (and taking action) to tackle climate change. There is no shortage of initiatives, or energy and willingness to make them grow.

Find out more about these actions (and many more)
ManoImpact People

With corporate volunteering

through our partnership with Vendredi


With The Ladder

our Manas and Manos work together to empower women, through programmes and action


With Hack4Values

we offer NGOs and charities our expertise in cybersecurity to improve digital trust

300+ hours
of impact since the launch
The Ladder
Manas mentored and coached
security reports
a good place to work
  • 0 to 5 days of remote working per week in France or Spain (including 100% remote working, depending on the team)
  • 7 weeks of paid leave
  • Training programmes
  • Personalised career paths
  • Health cover
  • Paid volunteer time
  • Unique team get-togethers and our famous Cosmic Parties
  • Parenthood policy
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Joining ManoMano is like getting on a high speed train. An exciting adventure during which you can be bold and ingenious to revolutionise the market. It is also a deeply human and fulfilling adventure, with a meaningful mission.

A diversity
of professions

Today, there are more than 1,000 Manas and Manos.


Whatever our role, we all strive to keep the ManoMano wheels turning.

And you can count on each of us to make the sector more accessible through digital technology, and DIY and gardening more responsible and sustainable.


Developing the best technical components to display the products on our site.

Supporting the development of our sellers and our catalogue.

Ensuring the excellence of our operations and the ManoMano experience.

Answering all your questions, before and after you place an order.

While building our brand and processes


In each country we operate in, for professionals, individuals, as well as our sellers.


Sound tempting? There’s bound to be something for you.