3 May 2023
ManoMano at eTail London 2023 
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We were delighted to attend eTail London 2023 last week, where Marco Sacco Stevanella joined a roundtable discussion on “The Digital Experiences You Need Today to Guarantee Long Term Growth: How to meet the heightened online expectations of consumers.”

One of Europe’s largest ecommerce & omnichannel conferences for innovative retail, eTail London brings together leading retail experts who share the power of digital.

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, we have seen an increase in demand for online marketplaces that offer a large choice of products and a seamless shopping experience. ManoMano as a selective marketplace has been at the forefront of this trend, providing customers with an unmatched DIY, home improvement and gardening catalogue (over 16 million products), a wide range of prices to suit different budgets, and dedicated live advice for its technical market. 

At the roundtable, Marco highlighted the importance of creating a personalised experience for customers. He stressed the need to understand customers' needs and preferences to provide them with a tailored shopping experience.

Marco discussed how over the last year, we have seen two major changes in consumer expectations with regards to digital experience within the home improvement industry. The first is environmental awareness: customers are paying closer attention to what they consume and the impact their purchase decisions have on the environment. They are therefore looking for guidance on how to be environmentally-mindful as they navigate online. The second is the increased demand for inspiration. Covid-19 led to many people investing in their homes and embarking on renovation projects, but they are looking for guidance and inspiration before taking the plunge.

The other industry experts at the roundtable agreed that personalised experiences and real-time information are essential for meeting customers' expectations. They also discussed the importance of creating a seamless shopping experience across different channels, including the role of apps for a more qualitative and personalised experience.

The roundtable provided valuable insights into the digital experiences that are necessary to guarantee long-term growth in the ecommerce sector. By understanding customers' needs and preferences and leveraging technology to provide personalised experiences and real-time information, marketplaces can build trust and loyalty.