15 March 2023
ChatGPT & cybersecurity: what does it mean for companies?
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ChatGPT is at the heart of many conversations at the moment, both positive and negative. A type of AI language model that uses deep learning to analyse large amounts of text data and generate human-like responses, it is capable of understanding the context of a conversation and responding in a natural language. 

With many people trying it out and testing its limits, from writing essays to designing websites and enabling science to reach new heights, it is sparking both hope and fears. Thought to be the next thing to revolutionise the internet and our lives, ChatGPT has various implications for cybersecurity in a company. 

Fabien Lemarchand, VP Platform & Security at ManoMano, believes that in the future, AI will play a major role in tech & cybersecurity roles. “Today, ChatGPT can help to automate easy daily tasks as a virtual assistant. In the context of cybersecurity, ChatGPT can be an excellent AI assistant to help the hunter to find security flaws in a system.”

However, as it is totally unregulated at this stage, Fabien believes in the importance of organisations considering how they can adapt to the evolving AI trends in the context of cybersecurity. ChatGPT, like any new solutions, should be exercised with best practices and ground rules* within organisations such as:

  • Employees should not enter or store sensitive or confidential information, such as personal data, financial information, or passwords
  • It is important to consider the potential risks related to data confidentiality and security, especially due to the storage of data outside the European Union
  • Employees should follow good information security practices, such as regularly updating passwords and keeping their conversations confidential
  • Employees should be aware of ChatGPT's limitation in understanding and check the accuracy of information obtained before using it for important decisions.

As we wonder what the future holds for ChatGPT and cybersecurity, companies can make the most of the incredible technology by staying ahead of the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape. As the technology continues to advance, it is essential for companies to leverage the latest tools and techniques to protect their networks, data, and assets.

* Best practices shared in line with ChatGPT guidance