Life at ManoMano
28 February 2023
3 questions with… Anais Lesueur, VP Customer & Strategic Marketing
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We're excited to share episode 2 of our new '3 questions' series, where each month we sit down with leaders at ManoMano and learn about what has brought them to where they are today. This month, find out about the career path and expertise of Anais Leseur, VP Customer & Strategic Marketing at ManoMano.

Tell us about your time before ManoMano, and your role now as VP Customer & Strategic Marketing

Before joining ManoMano, I spent 15 years working in retail companies, first at Casino and then at Darty, Fnac and Lapeyre. I worked in different areas of marketing - from sales to brand communication, customer experience and loyalty programmes.

If I look at what my roles all had in common, it would be first and foremost the customer. I’m passionate about the relationship a brand can build with its customers, their experience, and their journey.

At ManoMano, my role is to develop the value of our customers over time and grow engagement. By engaging customers and keeping them coming back for more, we develop our natural traffic and aim to become less dependent on our paid channels. This is a key point in building sustainable growth for Manomano. We’re using several levers to achieve this: CRM, loyalty, customer communication and also our apps, which have demonstrated their power of engagement by increasing the frequency of customer purchases. Another key lever is the development of B2B because our B2B customers have a much greater potential and purchase frequency. We doubled our B2B sales last year, thanks to a strong acquisition operation but also by improving our ‘wallet share’, i.e. ManoMano's share in our Pros' spending.

How do you balance the strategic with the creative parts in your role?

I don't think that this is necessarily a contradiction in terms. On a day-to-day basis, my team and I manage the customer strategy using the data we have, both internal (from our customer databases) and external (from our customer research in particular). But once the analysis of the situation is clear, this is where creativity comes into its own. How can we use this knowledge to transform it into innovative initiatives specific to ManoMano? This approach is valid for every subject, from media strategy to CRM.

What big projects are you working on at the moment?

Our main priorities at the moment are:

1. First of all, B2B. It’s key for the company and we’re working to make the B2B customer experience ever more fluid and engaging to save our Pros time and money.

2. Secondly, our apps are a strong lever for customer engagement, and we’re actively working with product teams to accelerate development and gradually move towards an ‘app-first’ strategy.

3. Finally, customer experience in general, and in particular the personalisation of the customer experience, is also a major focus.